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The Methodology

Dec 9, 2020

On this weeks episode, I sat down with healer Tegan Treacy. Tegan is a New York based healer who is focused on helping others move past layers of conditioning to return to wholeness. Part of the human condition is experiencing ourselves in separation. Through this experience, we encounter numerous issues whether physical, mental, emotional, or energetic. Simply put, an issue is anything that prevents us from being present and open to life. Issues are complicated to work with since they hold  conditioning on all levels of the human energy system from the physical body to the personality to the chakra system and so much more. Every issue also holds a consciousness component, which is why in order to heal we need a method that is not only able to free us from all aspects of conditioning but also clear our attachment to these issues. When we see through the lens of these issues, we experience the world as separate and feel disconnected to love, peace, and joy, which are our natural state of being and only accessible through the present moment. Returning to wholeness is returning to love and the present where every moment is truly magical. Tegan channels divine consciousness to reawaken your system to the truth of what it has always been. The freer our systems are, the freer we become from our issues. It is returning to wholeness on every level. 

You can visit her website, or check her instagram @tegantreacy