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The Methodology

Dec 23, 2020

I had the greatest honor of chatting with my long time friend Sean Fortune. We both have a love and affinity to running, and I wanted to dive deeper into the perspective of a person who has morphed their passion into a career; Sean has described running as the most meaningful thing in his life, besides relationships. As a professional coach, Sean spoke on the endless physical and emotional benefits to running, but also brought up that running is not for everyone - and that’s ok! The theme seemed to be: Just get moving in any way!


Since 1998, Sean has been a fixture in the New York City running community in many different roles - athlete, coach, fundraiser, event officiant, and event organizer. Central Park Coaching was founded in 2008 to provide best in class one-on-one running coaching services. Central Park Coaching‘s mission is to help runners fulfill their potential and build a lifelong love of the sport. Our missions foundation is based on the core values that lead to success in all aspects in life: passion, hard work, commitment, education. Sean believes running and exercise have the power to transform an individual, and by extension change the world. With that in mind, he’s coached every level of runner: youth, novice, collegians, post-collegiate elites, and adults of all levels. His vast personal experience in high-level running lens expertise and technical knowledge to his friendly, motivational style of coaching. In addition to impacting thousands of runners in his various coaching roles, Sean has also been a featured guest on Sirius XM‘s Doctor Radio discussing youth running | Profiled in the New York Road Runners’ Fall 2013 magazine & Bella magazine June 2017 | Featured in Poland Spring’s 2011 NYC marathon print ad campaign | Served on the inaugural USATF-NY Executive board as V.P. Member Services and Manhattan Borough Representative | Frequent contributor to running / fitness / health articles including: GQ, NYMAG, ReFinery29, Women’sHealth,, SHAPE magazine, The Joyful Approach, Tough Mudder,, BellaNYC, WebMD, and many more.

Check out his instagram @centralparkcoaching